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Architectural Firm Social Media Management – TAMARCH

Scope of Work:

TAM SMM - إدارة حسابات مكتب تام العمارة الهندسي

Project Brief:

TAMARCH Engineering Office has a reputation for providing sustainable architectural services and managing high-level projects in the Arabian Gulf that aim to enhance the environment and plan for the future.

The founder of the firm Eng. Azzam recognized the importance of establishing a strong digital presence that matches the reputation in the real world.


Due to the high competition between architectural firms online and on social media, we faced the challenge of distinguishing TAMARCH Engineering Office's accounts from their competitors.


In managing the accounts, we utilized "white-hat" growth methods, which included creating valuable content that catered to the interests of those engaged in construction and architectural design. We also highlighted the salient features of successful architectural projects globally, reflecting the office's practical experience. Moreover, we added pictures of the office's designs and projects, bearing its logo to protect its intellectual property rights.

Social Media Management

We provided comprehensive social media account management services for TAMARCH Office, covering Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Our services included creating account descriptions, ensuring a consistent brand identity across all platforms, adding relevant links, and scheduling important posts and stories.

Content Creation

We made sure to cater to the diverse tastes of our customers through our social media posts, ensuring that even those who enjoy quotes were included in our content. It is worth noting that creativity in the architectural field extends to such details.

Architectural Firm Social Media Management - TAMARCH
Architectural Firm Social Media Management - TAMARCH

Post Design

We drew inspiration from the modern spirit of TAMARCH’s architectural designs to incorporate it into the visual design of their social media posts, emphasizing the office’s unique visual identity in each post.

Comments & Inbox Monitoring

We recognize that responsiveness is essential to winning over customers, so we incorporated quick and thorough responses to frequently asked questions into our automatic response system. We also ensured that potential customers are swiftly connected with the responsible architect for direct communication.

Monthly Reports

We paid close attention to details and utilized the valuable resource of data to generate monthly reports, accompanied by marketing plans, that have contributed to the growth, development, and success of the TAMARCH office in the past two years.

Arch. Azzam Al Subaie
Arch. Azzam Al Subaie
TAM Arch
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“We were looking for a reliable agency to design our architectural website and to management our social media pages, and we met our request at Desline. Professionalism in dealing and satisfactory results during the past two years”

Architectural Firm Social Media Management - TAMARCH 1

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