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Architectural Website Design – D10 Design Studio

Scope of Work:

Project Brief:

D10 Design Solutions, a prominent brand in architectural and interior design as well as graphics, was founded in Al-Khobar with a commitment to delivering sleek and contemporary designs. Reflecting their mission, it was imperative that their website exuded simplicity and modernity.


The challenge lay in ensuring that the website of D10 Design Solutions effectively embodied their identity by simplifying the user experience to the greatest extent possible.


Our emphasis was on creating a super simple design that instills trust in visitors. We achieved this by developing a comprehensive office profile and showcasing the slogans of our most esteemed clients.

Website Design

Home Page:
We implemented a method where a curated selection of the office’s projects is showcased, allowing visitors to click and view the project details. Additionally, we prominently displayed logos of D10’s clients, along with contact information, geographical location, and a contact form on the website.

About Us – Our Services –  Our Projects – Contact Us

Architectural Website Design - D10 Design Studio

Search Engine Optimization

Research and keyword setting for every page:
Through thorough competitor analysis, our team identified untapped areas that competitors often overlook. As a result, we successfully acquired a significant share of important keywords and phrases, positioning D10 Design Solutions at the forefront of online visibility.
تصميم موقع معماري - مكتب D10 الهندسي
Architectural Website Design - D10 Design Studio
Speed up & compress website files:
By implementing effective SEO strategies and optimizing file and image compression, we achieved remarkable results for D10 Design Solutions within a short span of a few months after launching the website. These efforts significantly improved the website’s search engine rankings and enhanced its overall performance, driving increased organic traffic and boosting online visibility for the brand.
Architectural Website Design - D10 Design Studio
Architectural Website Design - D10 Design Studio
Search Engine Indexing:

Our experts have fine-tuned every aspect of the analytics tools, so they deliver high-fidelity data to inform every step of the optimization process.

Engineering Website Design - Almasah Consultant
Architectural Website Design - D10 Design Studio

What's Next?

We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with D10 firm, particularly with Engineer Salem Al-Shehri, who showcased great passion and dedication towards his work. It was truly a pleasure to work together and bring creative ideas to life. We are thrilled to see the substantial increase in organic traffic from search engines within the initial months of launching the website. This positive outcome is a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies and the enhanced online visibility of the site. Our commitment to supporting the website goes beyond its initial launch. We will continue to provide maintenance and assistance for any requirements the team may have. Moreover, we look forward to collaborating on new projects in the future.
Eng. Salem Alshehri
Eng. Salem Alshehri
D10 Design Solutions
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“Helpful people and awesome services.”
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75% of website visitors build their trust from their impression of the design