Case Study

Art Store Website Design – V8social

Scope of Work:

Project Brief:

As a brand specializing in American Muscles apparel and prints, V8social has established itself as a distinctive and pioneering name in the industry. Hence, it was imperative for them to have an online store that reflects their brand identity and enables them to expand their sales worldwide.


Delivering V8social's ideas was not the only challenge, but rather the shipping and logistics of its products to various parts of the world.


To tackle the initial obstacle, we devised promotional campaigns on Instagram and conducted social media contests that offered the store's products as rewards. Regarding the hindrance of achieving global outreach, we addressed it by utilizing drop shipping referrals and integrating the store with a PayPal account.

Online Store Design

Home Page:

Our emphasis was on fostering strong ties with the store’s customers, which is why we dedicated our efforts to creating a section that allowed users to sign up for the mailing list and avail of appealing discounts. Furthermore, we established a distinct section for customer service and communication across social media platforms.

تصميم متجر ملابس ومطبوعات - V8social
Categories Page:

The store’s merchandise was categorized based on their classification (by car name), with each section displaying various models of products corresponding to their respective car models.

تصميم متجر ملابس ومطبوعات - V8social
Products Page:

This page showcases sub-categories of products (such as t-shirts, posters, etc.) that correspond to the same car and model, but are available in different colors.

تصميم متجر ملابس ومطبوعات - V8social
Products Page:

On the product page, customers can view images and descriptions of the product, select from different color and size options, and browse through cross-sell and up-sell suggestions for similar products within the same category. Additionally, there is a button to either proceed directly to checkout or add the item to the cart and continue shopping.

تصميم متجر ملابس ومطبوعات - V8social
Cart Page:

To incentivize buyers, we included a cross-sale feature on the cart page that prompts them to add a product within the same category to their cart. Furthermore, customers can conveniently complete their payment directly through the PayPal payment method.

تصميم متجر ملابس ومطبوعات - V8social

Search Engine Optimization

Speed up & compress website files:

We understand that a slow website can have a significant impact on a business, leading to lost leads and wasted resources amounting to thousands of dollars. That’s why our team specializes in pinpointing the root causes of slow site speed and swiftly resolving them to ensure optimal performance.

Art Store Website Design - V8social - تصميم متجر ملابس ومطبوعات - V8social
Search Engine Indexing:

In order to ensure that V8social receives the highest possible return on their investment, we have integrated their store with top-of-the-line analytics tools that enable them to manage the store efficiently, regularly assess the performance of product pages, enhance images, evaluate campaigns, and much more.

Art Store Website Design - V8social 1

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