Case Study

Cinnamon Website Design – Cinnamonatty

Scope of Work:

Project Brief:

The client tasked us with designing a website to showcase Cinnamonatty, a home project based in the Eastern Province that sells cinnamon rolls made from natural ingredients blended with scientific knowledge. The goal was to share the founder’s passion with the world through a visually appealing and informative website.


The task was to bring a small-scale project to the online world while maintaining the impression of being homemade and healthy in the minds of the audience.


Our team worked on developing a visually appealing website that could effectively communicate the homely and healthy feel of Cinnamonatty's products, while also setting it apart from its competitors in the market.

Website Design

Home Page:

The website we designed for Cinnamonatty featured animated images of their different types of cinnamon rolls to create a cozy, family-oriented atmosphere throughout the site. We also highlighted customer reviews to give new visitors a taste of the delicious flavors. To build trust and credibility, we displayed the full-price list and showcased their greatest achievements.

Cinnamon Website Design - Cinnamonatty

75% of website visitors build their trust from their impression of the design