Case Study

Cleaning Company Website Design – Atmar Contracting

Scope of Work:

Project Brief:

Atmar Contracting Company, a reputable Saudi cleaning and contracting company specializing in cleaning and waste disposal for both government and private sectors, entrusted us with the task of developing a modern and professional cleaning company website design. Drawing upon our extensive experience and professional references, we aimed to create a website that reflects the company’s expertise and showcases its services in a compelling manner.


The challenge was to create an innovative website that simplifies the complexities of the contracting field and highlights the expertise of Atmar Contracting Company to a global audience. Our goal was to design a website that effectively communicates the company's capabilities and establishes its presence in the industry.


Our goal was to create a website that aligns with the values and philosophy of Atmar Contracting Company, an established and experienced player in the contracting industry in the Kingdom. We aimed to showcase their expertise in the field of cleaning and waste disposal, while maintaining a sense of tradition and reliability that reflects their longstanding presence in the industry.

Website Design

Home Page:
The home page of the website featured an overview of Atmar Contracting Company, including its vision, mission, and a message from the general manager. We presented the company’s services using a design that blended modern elements with a touch of heritage, reflecting their rich experience in the field. Additionally, we provided contact information and integrated Google Maps to showcase the company’s location for easy access.

About Us – Services – Projects – Gallery – Contact Us

Cleaning Company Website Design - Atmar Contracting

Search Engine Optimization

Speed up & compress website files:
To enhance user experience (UX) and improve search engine rankings, our team worked diligently to optimize the website’s loading speed and ensure smooth page navigation. This approach aimed to reduce the bounce rate and increase visitor engagement. By implementing effective techniques and optimizing various elements, we were able to create a seamless browsing experience for users, resulting in improved user satisfaction and better search engine visibility for the website.
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Cleaning Company Website Design - Atmar Contracting
Search Engine Indexing:

We believe that publishing a website on search engines like Google and Bing is a valuable strategy to enhance visibility and attract targeted customers. To further support our client’s performance, we integrated the website with top-notch analytics tools. These tools provide comprehensive data and insights that enable our client to understand visitor behavior, track website performance, and make informed decisions for optimizing the site. By leveraging this data, our client can continuously improve their website to maximize their return on investment.

75% of website visitors build their trust from their impression of the design