Case Study:

Company Website Development – Ayen

Scope of work:

منصة عاين - ديزلاين

About the project:

Ayen platform provides real estate quality inspection service to potential buyers through certified inspecting engineers, whereby the service is requested either through the website or via the application on Google App Store & Apple App Store. What was requested from Desline is to make the company website development and update it, speed it up and configure it for search engines, in addition to digital marketing services that include managing social media accounts (Instagram – Twitter).


The challenge was to rebuild the entire website using a different design platform that is lighter and faster for browsing by the user, while developing the method of presenting services and documenting clients’ opinions. In addition to raise the public’s awareness about the platform and the importance of inspecting the property before buying.


Was by rebuilding the website using the Elementor platform, which is characterized by its lightness and speed in browsing, in addition to re-designing the service icons to better highlight them. Also, we managed social media accounts and designed content that targets potential property buyers in order to raise their awareness of the importance of the inspection, its mechanism and the most important points that should be taken into consideration before the purchase. That has contributed to raising awareness about the Ayen platform and thus an increasing their sales of inspection services.

1- Website development:

Developing Ayen website, redesign the home page, and update the services section, the contact section, and the FAQ section, also adding the platform’s location on Google Maps, adding payment methods icons and linking social media (Instagram – Twitter) to the website.

1-1 Speeding up the website and reducing its size:

Compressing the website’s files and codes and reducing image sizes to fit screen sizes.

تطوير موقع عاين
Company Website Development - Ayen

2- Social media management:

Managing the social media accounts of the Ayen platform on (Instagram – Twitter), creating and formatting the content in a consistent way with the corporate identity of Ayen.

In addition to scheduling and publishing the content in a diversified manner, which is divided into 3 sections: a content that reviews the local and international activities and contributions of Ayen platform, a content that reviews previously completed reports, and finally a content adapted from the inspection images with commentary to spread the benefit and increase the awareness of the importance of inspection.

In addition to responding to messages and inquiries and transferring inspection requests to the request page of the website.

Company Website Development - Ayen
Company Website Development - Ayen
Company Website Development - Ayen

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