Case Study:

Construction Website Design – Saraya Building Facelift

Scope of work:

سرايا لتطوير واجهات المباني - ديزلاين

About the project:

Saraya constructing Est. works in the field of designing and developing building facades, external lighting works, afforestation and landscaping (design, supervision and implementation). Desline was requested to design a new and attractive construction website design with a modern identity, accelerate the website and configure it for search engines, in addition to e-marketing services that include creating marketing content on the website and social media platforms, manage social media accounts (Facebook – Instagram – Twitter) and finally manage advertising campaigns On (Google – Facebook – Instagram).


The challenge was to transfer a well-established company in the field of local constructing in the eastern region, to the digital world, to open the way for new clients for design services from all regions of the Kingdom, and to educate people on the importance of developing facades and various solutions of design.


Rebuilding a modern and attractive website and marketing it through paid ads and by writing meaningful content on Saraya Blog to attract those interested in building and design (the targeted segment). In addition to sweeping the competition by topping Google’s search results via important keywords such as (GRC, Building Facades Development, Building Finishing Materials) and others. That led to bringing thousands of visitors per month organically and spontaneously turning some visitors into clients.

1- Website design and management:

Designing website compatible with all devices (computer – laptop – tablet – mobile), in Arabic and English, in addition to link it to social media pages and configure it for search engines.

Website components:

Home page: contains an introduction about the institution, its activities, the most prominent achievements, the titles of services provided by the establishment, the most prominent works for display, logos of the most prominent clients, clients’ reviews of Saraya, a section for articles and blogs, a section for contact that includes a contact form, contact numbers and email in addition to the office’s location on Google maps.

About us page: contains an overview of the establishment in addition to the goals and vision

Services page: All services are explained and mentioned in details, in addition to attaching a working model for each service as a PDF.

Projects page: contains the most prominent projects of the establishment. A diverse sample was chosen to highlight the different fields of work and architectural styles that they designed and implemented.

Blog page: Which contains dozens of articles in the field of design and development of facades, distribution of external lighting, afforestation and landscapes, which daily attracts tens and sometimes hundreds of visitors to the website.

Join us page: is a targeted page for employment and partnerships, and contains a form to be filled in with specifying the means of work and then the applicant will be contacted.

Contact page: contains the means of contact via mobile, WhatsApp and e-mail, as well as via the contact form, in addition to the office’s location on Google Maps.

تصميم موقع مقاولات - سرايا لتطوير واجهات المباني

1-1 Speeding up the website and reducing its size:

Compressing the website’s files and codes, reducing image sizes to fit screen sizes, and using high-speed and secure CDN to encrypt the website data.

تصميم موقع مقاولات - سرايا لتطوير واجهات المباني تصميم موقع مقاولات - سرايا لتطوير واجهات المباني

1-2 Publishing the website on search engines and linking it to analysis tools:

Publishing the website on search engines (Google – Bing, Yandex) and linking it with analysis tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and prepare monthly reports to include important statistics such as: the number of website visitors, the geographical location of visitors, the most visited pages, the percentage of mobile, tablets and computers users.

Construction Website Design - Saraya Building Facelift
Construction Website Design - Saraya Building Facelift

2- Marketing content creation:

Creating a page for Saraya articles, and enriching it with exclusive and useful articles in several areas of interest to the target clients’ segment, most notably:

Design and development of facades, architectural patterns in design, raw materials used in facade design, afforestation, plant distribution and garden coordination, types and uses of external lighting and other for marketing Saraya services and attract those interested through search engines and social media.

Construction Website Design - Saraya Building Facelift

3- Advertising campaigns management:

Creating and managing advertising campaigns on (Google – Facebook – Instagram) and following up on inquiries and messages and directing those interested in dealing with Saraya to the responsible engineer

Construction Website Design - Saraya Building Facelift
Construction Website Design - Saraya Building Facelift

4- Social media management:

Managing all Saraya’s social accounts (Instagram – Facebook – Twitter) and creating and formatting the content in a consistent way with the corporate identity of Saraya.

In addition to scheduling and publishing content on a continuous and diversified way and dividing it into 3 sections: content that reviews the existing establishment projects, content that reviews previously completed projects and content adapted from articles to spread benefits in the field of building facades development.

In addition to responding to messages and inquiries and transferring design requests to the responsible engineer.

Construction Website Design - Saraya Building Facelift

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