Case Study

Contracting Company Social Media Management – SARAYA GRC

Scope of Work:

Saraya GRC SMM - إدارة حسابات سرايا جي ار سي لتطوير واجهات المباني

Project Brief:

Our mission was to take Saraya’s contracting company social media management which has an already impressive reputation in the Eastern Province to the next level. To achieve this, we developed a brand campaign that highlighted the company’s distinctive architectural projects and raised awareness of its comprehensive services. Through the activation of their social media accounts, we ensured that the company’s presence was felt by potential customers and their importance in the market was reinforced.


The challenge we faced was to revamp an old-fashioned local contracting company in the Eastern Province, and bring it to the forefront of the digital world, reaching new clients for its comprehensive design services across the Kingdom. We also aimed to educate people about the importance of developing facades and various design solutions.


To ensure efficient account management, we prioritized crafting quick responses to common customer inquiries, creating diverse and engaging content that resonates with Saraya's target audience, and developing highly effective ad campaigns tailored to specific demographics.

Social Media Management

We have successfully managed Saraya’s social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and their website, by creating a unified brand identity, crafting engaging descriptions, and highlighting their most important projects. Through our efforts, we have turned Saraya into a relatable and interactive organization that values its customers’ opinions and feedback.

Content Creation

Saraya’s brand recognition and domain authority were already good, but we needed to take it up a notch with more impactful branded content.

ادارة حسابات شركة مقاولات - سرايا لتطوير الواجهات - Contracting Company Social Media Management - SARAYA GRC
Contracting Company Social Media Management - SARAYA GRC

Post Design

We drew inspiration from Saraya’s intricate designs and ornate identity, infusing the same vibrancy into our post designs. Our goal was to showcase the beauty of Saraya’s work and create standout content that transcends boundaries.

Advertisement Campaigns

We crafted targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to boost Saraya’s Instagram presence, catering to the preferences of its core audience. Our ultimate goal was to boost brand awareness and drive sales, with a keen eye on tracking ROI across all channels and ads.

Contracting Company Social Media Management - SARAYA GRC 1
Contracting Company Social Media Management - SARAYA GRC

Comments & Inbox Monitoring

We understand the importance of fast and efficient customer service, which is why we implemented a response system that provides immediate and comprehensive answers to common questions. For inquiries about orders and complaints, we transferred customers to our dedicated customer service number for direct communication and resolution.

Monthly Reports

With a keen eye for detail, we delved into the gold mine of data to provide monthly statistics for Saraya’s social media accounts, coupled with tailored marketing plans that played a pivotal role in the organization’s unprecedented growth during our tenure.

Contracting Company Social Media Management - SARAYA GRC

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