Case Study:

Doctor Website Design – New Headway

Scope of work:

التقدم الحديث - ديزلاين

About the project:

Newheadway program is a charity program that provides free consulting and guideline services, medical and psychological programs for people with special needs and their families in the Arab world for free. Desline was requested to develop doctor website design and add educational articles to attract the visitors to the website and introduce them to the platform, in addition to speeding up the website and configuring it for search engines and translating the content into English.


The challenge was on how to design one of kind website and find marketing solutions to attract visitors that do not require continuous payment for advertisements, whether for search engines or social media.


We focused while designing the website on: - Building trust with the website visitors by mentioning the achievement numbers and putting the logos of the most prominent partnerships, in addition to a certificate of thanks and gratitude from those who have dealt with newheadway platform - Aesthetic design and ease of use for the browser on all devices – Translate the website pages into English - Formatting and adding medical articles to attract visitors to the website for free.

1 - Website design:

Developing doctor website design compatible with all devices (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile) in Arabic and English, and also configuring it for search engines.

Website components:

Home page: contains an overview of the newheadway program, including vision and mission, and the most prominent achievements in the treatment sessions and the cases that were dealt with, in addition to the subjects of the target groups that is served by the program.

Medical Articles page: contains a variety of medical and scientific articles aim to sensitize, guide and educate people with special needs and their families on how to deal with them properly.

Suggestions and inquiries page: consists of a form to contact those in charge of the program for suggestions and inquiries.

Support page: contains account information for the charity support of the program.

1-1 Speeding up the website and reducing its size:

Compressing the website’s files and codes, reducing image sizes to fit screen sizes, and using high-speed and secure CDN to encrypt the website data.

تصميم موقع استشارات طبية
Doctor Website Design - New Headway

1-2 Publishing the website on search engines and linking it to analysis tools:

Publishing the website on search engines (Google – Bing, Yandex) and linking it with analysis tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and prepare monthly reports to include important statistics such as: the number of website visitors, the geographical location of visitors, the most visited pages, the percentage of mobile, tablets and computers users.

Doctor Website Design - New Headway
Doctor Website Design - New Headway

2- Logo Design:

Logo design, logo uses, website icons, social media icons, social media page cover.

Doctor Website Design - New Headway

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