Case Study

Job Recruitment Social Media Management – Murshid Platform

Scope of Work:

Murshid Jobs SMM - إدارة حسابات منصة مرشد للتوظيف

Project Brief:

The founder of Murshid platform recognized the potential of social media advertising to expand their reach to a wider audience, and it was our task to help them achieve their goal by providing job recruitment social media management services to Murshid to showcase their platform to potential business owners and job seekers.


Repositioning the brand as a trustworthy and credible source of employment opportunities in a highly competitive market, while competing with more established recruitment platforms.


We established a comprehensive content strategy to ensure that Murshid Platform meets the needs of both employers and job seekers. Timely posting and interaction with the audience was crucial to keep the content fresh and up-to-date with the latest and most reliable information.

Social Media Management

We took Murshid’s social media accounts to the next level by providing comprehensive management of their online presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Our efforts included creating consistent branding and messaging, as well as adding links and descriptions to help potential customers easily find and engage with the platform. With strategic advertising campaigns and powerful word-of-mouth marketing, we have successfully expanded Murshid’s reach and increased its presence in the competitive Saudi labor market.

Content Creation

Our team added value to Career Opportunities’ publication ideas by creating engaging content on topics such as CV writing secrets and other related tips.

ادارة حسابات منصة - مرشد للتوظيف - Job Recruitment Social Media Management - Murshid Platform
Job Recruitment Social Media Management - Murshid Platform

Post Design

We incorporated the color blue, known for evoking feelings of trust and confidence according to color psychology, into the design elements and color scheme.

Advertisement Campaigns

We strategically targeted our advertising campaigns on the professional social network, LinkedIn, to first build awareness and promote the unique features of the platform, and then attract potential users to visit and register with it.

Job Recruitment Social Media Management - Murshid Platform 1
Job Recruitment Social Media Management - Murshid Platform

Comments & Inbox Monitoring

We assigned our top-notch customer service representatives to handle the messages and comments of job applicants, while also creating an automated response system for frequently asked questions to ensure timely and efficient communication.

Monthly Reports

Through restructuring advertising campaigns, and optimizing audience profiles, and ad formats, we focused on increasing revenue instead of just traffic. Our monthly reports showed the progress we made in achieving this goal.

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