Case Study:

Lawyer Website Design – ANS Law Firm

Scope of work:

المحامي عبدالرحمن السويدان - ديزلاين

About the project:

Lawyer Abdul Rahman bin Nasser Al Suwaidan law office provides legal services, which include documentation and accreditation services, legal and judicial services. Desline was requested to develop a lawyer website design to demonstrate professional services and accomplishments to expand the office’s scope of work, and focus on informing the office visitors the achievements and lawyers in the office.


The challenge was on how to design an easy-to-use and aesthetic lawyer website, presenting the office professionally in a competitive market, and simplifying the services for the website visitors.


We focused while designing on: - Building trust with the website visitor by introducing the team and their certifications, mentioning the achievement numbers and placing the logos of the most prominent clients - The luxury of design and the ease to use with all devices.

1- Website design:

Developing lawyer website design that displays services and achievements responsively on all devices (computer – laptop – tablet – mobile), in addition to linking it to social media pages.

Website components:

The main page: contains an introduction to the founder of the office – lawyer Abdul Rahman bin Nasser Al-Suwaidan – and his most prominent achievements in the field, as well as the office’s message and the most prominent achievements in the form of icons, in addition to the logos of accredited agencies.

We also added the wrokteam of the office, the subjects and details of services provided by the office, with the most prominent client’s logos.

Finally, a contact section that includes contact numbers, e-mail, and social media accounts, in addition to the contact form and the office location on Google Maps, with the same design and colors of the website.

تصميم موقع محامي - Lawyer Website Design - ANS Law Firm

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