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Painting Company Website Design – Colorful Feelings

Scope of Work:

Colorful Feelings Laptop

Project Brief:

Desline was tasked with designing an online store for Colorful Feelings, which specializes in selling paintings, hand drawings, bookmarks, and art accessories. The primary objective was to create a store that was user-friendly and responsive across all devices, while also optimizing it for search engines to promote product visibility. Additionally, we were tasked with implementing an online purchasing feature to enable seamless transactions for customers.


The challenge faced by Desline was to transition a small project that only sold products on Instagram and local exhibitions into the world of e-commerce. This required the introduction of online ordering and payment options, as well as the creation of a store that was responsive to all devices and optimized for search engines. The primary concern was finding cost-effective solutions that would provide quick results, cover project costs, and demonstrate their effectiveness in a short period of time.


To address the project's challenges, we concentrated on the following aspects: Developing the store on a cost-effective, high-performance local platform. Incorporating popular payment methods. Integrating the store with well-known local shipping companies. Ensuring an aesthetically pleasing design and user-friendly browsing experience on all devices. Organizing store sections and categorizing products to simplify the purchasing process.

Website Design

Home Page:

The home page of the online store features both fixed and dynamic sections to showcase various products, such as the new arrivals, art boards, book dividers, and art accessories.

To facilitate local payment and shipping options, we have included features such as cash on delivery, and have integrated the website with the most popular local shipping companies.

To enhance communication with customers, we have included a dedicated section that provides a WhatsApp number for customer service, email and links to social media.


Paintings – Bookmarks – Accessories

Painting Company Website Design - Colorful Feelings
تصميم متجر لوحات فنية
Painting Company Website Design - Colorful Feelings
Painting Company Website Design - Colorful Feelings 1
Painting Company Website Design - Colorful Feelings 2

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Indexing:

We understand the importance of reports and analytics in identifying areas of improvement for a website and demonstrating the project’s progress to the client in a transparent manner, which in turn builds their confidence in achieving a return on investment.

To ensure maximum insights and performance, we made sure to integrate the website with the most effective analysis tools available, such as Google Analytics and Search Console. We believe that leveraging these tools enables clients to gain a competitive edge and achieve their desired results.

Painting Company Website Design - Colorful Feelings 3
Painting Company Website Design - Colorful Feelings

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