Case Study:

Painting Company Website Design – Colorful Feelings

Scope of work:

متجر مشاعر ملونة - Colorful Feelings - ديزلاين

About the project:

Colorful Feelings is an online store that sells artwork, handmade paintings, bookmarks, and art accessories. Desline was requested to make a beautiful and easy-to-use painting company website design, compatible with all devices, and to configure the online store for search engines to display products and activate the online purchase feature.


The challenge was to transform a home project that sells via Instagram and local exhibitions and bring it into the e-trading world with the possibility of ordering and paying directly through the online store, in addition to the limited budget at the beginning of the project, so it was necessary to search for solutions that give quick results with low cost in a way that covers the costs of the project and proves Its effectiveness quickly.


To win the challenges of the project, we focused while designing the online store on: - Designing the online store on an excellent local platform, at low cost and high performance - Making all common payment methods in the Kingdom available – linking the store with the most famous local shipping companies - Aesthetic design and ease of use for the browser on all devices. - Arranging store sections, classifying products, and setting prices consistently for purchase directly through the store.

1- Online store Design:

Designing an artwork online store compatible with all devices (computer – laptop – tablet – mobile), in addition to linking it to social media pages and configuring it for search engines.

Website components:

The main page: contains several fixed and animated sections for displaying products such as the new products section, the artworks section, the bookmarks section, and the artistic accessories section.

In addition to activating local shipping and payment methods including payment on receipt. And add a contact section that contains WhatsApp number for customer service, email and social media accounts.

Art paintings page: contains all paintings the store sells.

Bookmarks page: includes paper separators with various comments.

Artistic Accessories page: includes various products for sale through the store.

تصميم متجر لوحات فنية
Painting Company Website Design - Colorful Feelings

1-1 Publishing the website on search engines and linking it to analysis tools:

Publishing the website on search engines (Google – Bing, Yandex) and linking it with analysis tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and prepare monthly reports to include important statistics such as: the number of website visitors, the geographical location of visitors, the most visited pages, the percentage of mobile, tablets and computers users.

Painting Company Website Design - Colorful Feelings

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