Case Study:

Personal Website Design – Eng. Hussein

Scope of work:

حسين الشمري - ديزلاين

About the project:​

Engineer Hussein Al-Shummari holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and an MBA, with many projects in the Eastern Province. Desline was requested to develop a personal website design that shows the experience, the achievements and the works of the engineer as a reference and a digital CV, either for providing engineering consulting services or for employment.


The challenge was on how to design a professional biography website and display the experiences and the achievements in an attractive, not boring, and informative way.


We focused in the web design on: Presenting scientific certificates in a timeline method. - Organizing experiences and description of work in a unique way and displaying them sequentially when scrolling down the page - Aesthetic design and ease of use for the browser on all devices - Website translation into English.

1- Website design:

Developing a personal website design, compatible with all devices (computer – laptop – tablet – mobile), in Arabic and English, in addition to linking it to the LinkedIn page.

Website components:

The main page: contains an introduction about Eng. Hussein Al-Shummari and the most prominent achievements in engineering project management and consolations, higher education certificates and professional courses, practical experience over 28 years of experience in the field, a contact section that includes contact numbers, e-mail and a LinkedIn page, in addition to a contacting form.

تصميم موقع سيرة ذاتية - Personal Website Design - Eng. Hussein

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