Case Study

Pet Store Social Media Management – Caty e-store

Scope of Work:

Caty Store SMM - إدارة حسابات متجر كاتي ستور

Project Brief:

Caty’s Store is a dedicated provider of pet care products and supplies, focusing on catering to the needs of cat and dog owners. They were seeking pet store social media management and marketing services to reach out to pet owners and individuals interested in pets.


With a large and diverse segment of pet owners, the challenge for Caty's Store was to establish a system that ensures prompt customer response, addressing inquiries, and fulfilling requests efficiently.


To enhance the relationship between Caty Store and its customers, we implemented a system of collecting frequently asked questions along with ready-made answers, which were scheduled to be delivered instantly. This approach allowed for efficient and timely responses to customer inquiries.

Social Media Management

We provided comprehensive social media account management for Caty’s Store, covering platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This involved tasks such as crafting engaging account descriptions, ensuring consistent branding across platforms, adding relevant links, and pinning important posts and stories. By implementing these strategies, we aimed to enhance the store’s online presence and optimize its social media engagement.

Content Creation

With our expertise in managing the entire creative process, we effortlessly generated innovative posts ideas that resonated with our client’s vision. The seamless collaboration resulted in approval of the designs, reflecting our ability to bring ideas to life and deliver impactful outcomes.
ادارة حسابات متجر الكتروني - كاتي لمستلزمات الحيوانات الأليفة - Pet Store Social Media Management - Caty e-store
Pet Store Social Media Management - Caty e-store

Post Design

We translated the posts ideas into unique designs that captured the essence of Caty Store’s identity. Inspired by their brand, we incorporated a chessboard-like distribution of the content, adding aesthetic appeal and breaking away from traditional publishing stereotypes. This innovative approach helped elevate the visual impact of their social media content.

Comments & Inbox Monitoring

Recognizing the importance of effective communication in fostering customer loyalty, we implemented an instant response system to address customer inquiries and concerns promptly. This system greatly enhanced the relationship between Caty’s Store and their customers, ensuring a positive and responsive interaction experience.

Monthly Reports

Although the target segment expanded and generated a significant amount of data, our specialized team successfully identified the most impactful metrics and included them in a comprehensive monthly report. This detailed analysis played a vital role in driving sales growth during our management of the social media accounts.
Pet Store Social Media Management - Caty e-store

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