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Photography Website Design Template

Photography Demo - Mockup

About the project:​​

Photography website design template that contains 106 pictures organized in 7 pages, all pictures are carefully selected to suit the identity of the website, and the goal of the website is to present a large group of images in an organized and enjoyable way for the viewer.

Website design:

The website is designed to be compatible with all devices (computer – laptop – tablet – mobile), in Arabic language with the ability to add the English language, with configuration for search engines.

Website components:

Main page: contains four sections which are (nature photography – architectural photography – food photography – animal photography) transferring to any section is done by clicking on it.

Intro page: contains introducing information about the photographer,

Contact page: contains the mobile number, email and contact form.

Nature photography: The nature section contains 25 different pictures of nature. The way the images are presented is organized, fun and not boring, as there are 6 different ways to display the pictures.

Architectural photography: The architectural section contains 25 different pictures of architectural structures of towers and buildings, designed with beautiful and extraordinary forms,

Food photography: The food section contains 25 pictures of various food shapes and types.

 Animal photography: The animal photography section contains 25 pictures of various types and species of cats and dogs.

1-1 Speeding up the website and reducing its size:

Compressing the website’s files and codes and reducing image sizes to fit screen sizes.

نموذج تصميم موقع مصور - Photography Website Design Template
Photography Website Design Template

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