Case Study

Real Estate Website Design – Alaqtar

Scope of Work:

Project Brief:

Al-Aqtar Company has provided – for years – the best quality real estate development and marketing services throughout the Kingdom. We were asked to design a website for a real estate development company with an identity that reflects the company’s core values of craftsmanship and honesty.


The challenge was to professionally design a real estate development company’s website and distinguish Alaqtar's projects from competing real estate agencies.


In designing the website, we focused on attractiveness and speed of response, so that it accurately represents the name (Al-Qatar Company) and its trademark.

Website Design

Home Page:

We made sure to showcase the latest projects through a video at the beginning of the website, and photos of the other project details in the middle. And to build trust, we highlighted the company’s achievements and long-standing history, as well as emphasizing the logos of the authorized government entities for Al-Aqtar Company.


About Us – Our Projects – Careers – Contact Us

Real Estate Website Design - Alaqtar

Search Engine Optimization

Speed up & compress website files:

Our team approaches each project as being unique in its field. Thus, he was able to choose the appropriate keyword phrases for Al-Aqtar company and ensured better ranking over its best competitors.

تصميم موقع شركة تطوير عقاري - الأقطار - Real Estate Website Design - Alaqtar
Real Estate Website Design - Alaqtar
Search Engine Indexing:

Our experts have fine-tuned every aspect of the analytics tools, so they deliver high-fidelity data to inform every step of the optimization process.

Interior Design Website Design - Arch Galleries 2018
Real Estate Website Design - Alaqtar

75% of website visitors build their trust from their impression of the design