Case Study:

Real Estate Website Design – Alaqtar

Scope of work:

الأقطار للتطوير العقاري - ديزلاين

About the project:​

Alaqtar Company provides real estate development and marketing services, off-plan sales, property management, and finance. Desline is required to develop a real estate website design with an elegant and modern identity to expand the scope of the office’s work in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and focus on showing real estate development projects in the best possible way, in addition to speeding up the site and preparing it for search engines.


The challenge was how to professionally design a real estate development company’s website and distinguish Alaqtar's projects from competing office projects in real estate development and marketing, in addition to building trust with the site visitor.


In website design, we focused on building the confidence of the website visitor by reviewing the company's achievements and reviewing its history in projects- Displaying the logos of the approved government agencies for Alaqtar Company - Presenting the latest projects in a compelling video at the beginning of the site and pictures of the rest of the project details in the middle of the main page.

1- Website design:

Designing the website in a responsive manner on all devices (computer – laptop – tablet – mobile), in the Arabic language, in addition to linking it to social media pages and preparing it for search engines.

Website components:

Home page: It contains an introduction to the Alaqtar company and the most prominent achievements in real estate development, the company’s values, a selected sample of the latest works, icons and titles of the services provided by the company, a section for the logos of the approved entities of the company, a section for communication includes contact numbers, e-mail and social media.

About page: It is divided into 6 sub-pages: about – our mission – our vision – our goals – our foundations – our values.

Projects page: It contains the company’s latest work in real estate development.

Jobs page: To apply for vacancies in the company and attach the CV file.

Contact page: It contains the main contacting channels on mobile, WhatsApp, e-mail and social media, as well as through the contact form.

Real Estate Website Design - Alaqtar

1-1 Speeding up the website and reducing its size:

Compressing the website’s files and codes, reducing image sizes to fit screen sizes, and using high-speed and secure CDN to encrypt the website data.

تصميم موقع شركة تطوير عقاري - الأقطار
Real Estate Website Design - Alaqtar

1-2 Publishing the website on search engines and linking it to analysis tools:

Publishing the website on search engines (Google – Bing, Yandex) and linking it with analysis tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and prepare monthly reports to include important statistics such as: the number of website visitors, the geographical location of visitors, the most visited pages, the percentage of mobile, tablets and computers users.

Interior Design Website Design - Arch Galleries 2018
Real Estate Website Design - Alaqtar

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