Case Study

Recruitment Office Posts Design – Almoatamad

Scope of Work:

Alia SMM - إدارة حسابات علياء مكتب المعتمد للاستقدام

Project Brief:

Al-Motamed Recruitment Office operates in the field of recruitment and manpower provision within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a particular focus on the city of Jeddah. Given the office’s increased workload and their positive impression of our previous work, we were tasked with creating recruitment office posts design for the office’s sales officer, Alia Al-Shammari, on Instagram to promote the office’s services.


Previous posts lacked a clear identity in terms of design elements such as lines, colors, and sizes, which created challenges in a highly competitive market with numerous competitors.


To streamline the content creation process, we designed a variety of pre-made templates for posts and stories, allowing for quick and efficient content updates. Additionally, we focused on publishing diverse and unique content that sets us apart from competing accounts.

Content Creation

Following a thorough analysis of our target audience and competitor accounts, we engaged in brainstorming sessions to generate creative publication ideas. These ideas were then presented to our client for their review and approval. We subsequently transformed these concepts into visually stunning designs that effectively convey the office’s message to its clients.
تصميم منشورات مكتب استقدام - Recruitment Office Posts Design - Almoatamad
Recruitment Office Posts Design - Almoatamad

Post Design

The design of the posts drew inspiration from Alia’s identity and Al-Motamed’s office website. We created a consistent template for the posts, incorporating contact information at the bottom for easy accessibility. This ensured a cohesive visual representation aligned with Alia’s identity and made it convenient for users to reach out to the office.

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