Case Study

Restaurant Posts Design – Althawaqa Biryani

Scope of Work:

Biryani Athawaqa SMM - إدارة حسابات مطعم برياني الذواقة

Project Brief:

Our task was to showcase the unique blend of Indian cuisine with a touch of Saudi luxury at Biryani Gourmet Restaurant. We focused on creating visually appealing restaurant posts design that captured the essence of this Asian aesthetic. Our goal was to showcase the delicious gourmet biryani dishes and entice customers through social media platforms.


The challenge we faced was the competitive landscape, with numerous restaurants and food applications vying for attention. Our objective was to find creative solutions to market the restaurant in a way that set it apart from the competition and attracted customers' interest.


Our main focus was to market the restaurant's best-selling meals from the menu. We achieved this by creating engaging stories and interactive polls questions on Instagram stories. Additionally, we diversified the content to make it interesting and appealing, ultimately enticing followers to taste and place orders.

Content Creation

Following a thorough analysis of our client’s target audience, we began brainstorming ideas for posts and stories. We presented these ideas to our client for their review and approval, and subsequently focused on creating visually appealing designs that would attract customers to the restaurant’s dining experience as well as its online ordering services.
تصميم منشورات مطعم - برياني الذواقة - Restaurant Posts Design – Althawaqa Biryani
Restaurant Posts Design – Althawaqa Biryani

Post Design

To enhance the appeal of the posts, we incorporated subtle design elements that complemented the user experience without overwhelming or diverting attention. Our focus was on highlighting the enticing meals as the central element, ensuring that the design enhancements would enhance the overall user experience rather than overshadow it.

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