Marketing Content Creation

Scope of work:

Writing articles and reviews:

Marketing content creation has many forms, one of best content is writing articles. We work on writing articles and reviews due to its importance as a basic type of marketing with content that is characterized by its low cost and good results over time, as we provide the service for websites and blogs in line with the goals of various institutions and companies while focusing on some scientific rules, most importantly, the search engine optimization for the website, which helps in brand awareness and building confidence in providing valuable content, in addition to bringing visitors to your website and converting them into clients for your services and products.

Marketing Content Creation - Writing articles and reviews:

Designing social media posts:

Designing social media stories and posts in an attractive and compatible way with the visual identity, along with editing the business content in a beautiful way to give a professional appearance in the business market.

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Marketing Content Creation - Designing social media posts:
marketing content creation
Marketing Content Creation - Designing social media posts:

Designing Motion graphics videos:

Video marketing is a very effective mean of advertising and drawing attention, and one of the best investments in marketing content creation methods, and for this reason we in Desline provide design service of awareness and advertising motion graphics videos. It is possible to design a video in a vertical format for 10 seconds to post it on Snapchat and Instagram story, or design it horizontally and with a longer duration to suit websites, YouTube and the rest of the social media platforms.

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The way we work in
Marketing Content Creation

1- Project discussion

Discussing the Project and client’s requirements, and studying the business market and competition.

2- Setting goals

Creating a plan to achieve the goals of content design and creation, and define requirements for start-up.

3- Creating content

Creating the graphical and textual design of the content based on the requirements and according to the previous goals.

4- Approving and publishing content

Reviewing, approving, delivering, and publishing content as agreed.

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FAQ in
Marketing Content Creation

The duration varies according to the service and the requirements. As for writing articles and designing social media posts, then the deal will be monthly, but in the case of designing motion graphics video, it will be delivered within 15 days.

The cost depends on the service, the requirements and the size of the project (the number of articles or posts, and the duration of the video) and the time required to be done. To calculate the cost accurately, please contact us or request the service from here.

You will need to fill out the service request form, we will need know your activity, services or products, and know the goal of creating marketing content to strive to achieve it in the best possible way.

Writing articles and reviews benefits your business in several ways, including:

  • Building trust and credibility among visitors to your website or pages on social media. That present you as an expert in your field and the services you provide.
  • Attracting visitors interested in your field from search engines to your website and pages on social media platforms without making any ads.
  • Increasing your followers on social media platforms if you use excerpts of articles as posts.
  • The ability to market multiple services or products and profit from the commission.
  • Improving your website’s ranking in the search engines when writing the article while taking into consideration the conditions of SEO, thus increasing your website’s visitors who are interested in your services, products and sales.

It is an abbreviation of Search Engines Optimization, which means configuring and optimizing the article or the website for search engines so that the browser can easily access your website via search engines.

Yes, we provide website management and develop service, and the service includes making updates continuously, securing the website and making backup copies, and also including monthly reports on website visitors. In addition to the possibility to make free updates to the website. To learn more about the service details, click here.

Yes, for sure, you can request social media account management service with the publications design service. To learn more about the service, click here

Samples of our work in
Marketing Content Creation

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