Social Media Management

Scope of work:

Formatting text and appearances:

Social media have become one of the most important introducing means for companies and institutions, which makes it one of the determinants of the first impression of the clients. Therefore the first step we take in the service of social media management is to format the content and the appearance of your pages such as the profile photo, cover photo, brief description, contact numbers and the website link, as well as standardizing the way posts are displayed to reflect the visual identity of your activity and give professional appearance.

إدارة حسابات التواصل الإجتماعي
Social Media Management - Formatting text and appearances:

Content publishing and scheduling:

It is well known that markets are full of competitors and we understand the necessety of continuous publishing of content on the company’s social media accounts, as an important factor of attraction and reminder for your clients that you are always there to serve them. And that’s what we do, by publishing and scheduling content on various social media networks as a part of this service .

Responding to messages and inquiries:

We believe in the effectiveness of communication and getting closer to clients, and this is what prompted us to provide the service of responding to messages and inquiries by appointing a special manager for social media accounts to follow the client’s responses and messages and transfer them to the responsible employee or to the service or product page.

Preaparing monthly reports :

“you can’t master what you can’t measure“ therefore , it is so important to learn the statistics of the number and the interactions of your webpages visitors on your social media and follow the changes, so we provide monthly reports service in odrer to know more about the segment of visitors interested in our client’s activity and thus targeting them with ads and marketing campaigns.

social media management
Social Media Management - Preaparing monthly reports

The way we work in
Social Media Management

1- Project discussion

Discussing the Project and client’s requirements, and studying the business market and competition in the most prominent social media.

2- Setting goals

Putting a plan to achieve the goals of social media management, and defining requirements to start-up.

3- Managing accounts

Managing and optimizing social media accounts, publishing content and responding to messages and inquiries regularly.

4- Preaparing reports

Submitting monthly reports that clarify the number of visitors, interaction with posts, and other important marketing statistics.

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FAQ in
Social Media Management

We are here to help you! You can contact us to discuss your project, or you can request the service from here.

The account management is done on a monthly basis and renewed automatically, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

The cost of managing accounts ranges between $200- $800 per month, and the price depends on the number of accounts to be managed, the number of monthly posts, and the size of the interaction.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Yes, for sure , you can follow the account and post content or respond to messages normally .

The service includes designing and formatting the appearance of accounts, posting and scheduling content, responding to messages and inquiries, and preparing monthly reports on interaction and followers.

Yes, we provide content creating service separately, and it can be added to the social media management service to design posts and stories that suits all social media. To know the service details, click here.

Yes, of course, we offer the service of creating and managing advertising campaigns separately from account management. To learn more about the service, click here.

Samples of our work in
Social Media Management

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