Social Media Management

Scope of work:

Standardize Social Accounts

We recognize the importance of social networks as a communication channel between people and brands. That’s why we prioritize unifying the appearance, content, and communication methods across your accounts. Our goal is to cultivate loyal and lasting relationships with your audience.

Social Media Management
Standardize Social Accounts - Social Media Management

Content Creation

We understand that the purpose behind our publications is just as important as the content itself. That’s why we take the time to understand your customers’ unmet needs and develop ideas for posts that offer solutions. We also conduct hashtag research and carefully select content that resonates with your target audience, ensuring your account reaches the right people.
تصميم منشورات مطعم - برياني الذواقة - Restaurant Posts Design – Althawaqa Biryani
Content Creation - Social Media Management

Post & Story Design

We strive to enhance your social media accounts with engaging and interactive content that is easily shareable and has the potential to go viral. Our focus is on providing value to your followers and driving increased sales for your business. Our aim is to deliver the best possible results and ensure the utmost efficiency in your social media publications.

Advertisement Campaigns

We specialize in creating and managing advertising campaigns across popular social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Our approach is to carefully select the platforms that are most relevant to your target audience based on their activity and account statistics. This ensures that your advertising budget is maximized and delivers the highest return on investment.

خدمة إدارة حسابات التواصل الإجتماعي
Advertisement Campaigns - Social Media Management

Interactive Contests

We have successfully organized various competitions and challenges on multiple social platforms to engage and motivate our clients’ accounts. By implementing specific techniques, we have effectively increased interaction and reached new customers within targeted geographical areas. These competitions aim to enhance awareness, boost account engagement, and ultimately increase sales. As an example, we launched the hashtag #glasses (In Arabic) on Bright Path account, which resulted in being a top post in over 3 million posts on Instagram. Within just 7 days, the account’s follower count grew by an impressive 558%, reaching over 1500 followers (originally less than 300 followers). (Attached photos showcase our work).

Content Scheduling

We understand the competitive nature of markets and the importance of consistent content publication on company social media accounts. We ensure that your brand remains engaging and top-of-mind for your customers by regularly publishing and scheduling content on various social networks. This proactive approach helps to attract and serve your customers effectively.

Comments & Inbox Monitoring

We also understand the importance of building a strong connection between your brand and your audience. To achieve this, we appoint a dedicated social media account manager who actively engages with your customers, responds to their messages and inquiries, and ensures their satisfaction. For more complex inquiries, the manager escalates them to the appropriate employee within your organization. This personalized approach helps to foster positive customer relationships and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Monthly Reports

Measuring and analyzing the statistics of your social media pages is crucial for effective decision-making. We understand the importance of tracking the number of visitors and their interactions with your pages. That’s why we provide monthly reports that offer valuable insights into your audience’s interests and preferences. By understanding this segment of visitors, we can help you target them more effectively with tailored advertisements and marketing campaigns, maximizing the impact of your efforts.
Monthly Reports - Social Media Management

Our process in
Social Media Management

1- Discussing the project

We understand that our customers will always know more about their business and their markets than we do. But you will be impressed by our ability to make an in-depth marketing strategy.

2- Defining objectives

Based on our discussions, we invest the time to co-create an approach to your projects, and build the right pool of our talent to serve you.

3- Idea Generation

Every brand has a story to tell. By focusing on generating the right post idea for the right audience, and suggesting it to you.

4- Creative Design

After post ideas are brainstormed, we'll design several variants to test different messages, then create a baseline of what works.

5- Accounts Management

Our social media account manager will make sure to keep everything under control.

6- Monthly Reports

We will provide you with detailed monthly reports of our findings. So that we keep improving it and meeting the goals we set... time and time again.

Previous works on
Social Media Management

Pricing packages for
Social Media Management

Starter Social

Every company needs to be present on social platforms. This package is for managing 1 account for 30 days
SAR3000 2000 SAR $500 USD when paying via PayPal
  • 1 Social accounts
  • 10 Content creation
  • 10 Post / Story
  • Content scheduling
  • Inbox monitoring
  • Monthly reports

Advance Social

Advanced management of 2 social accounts for 30 days. Suitable for most businesses
SAR5000 3500 SAR $875 USD when paying via PayPal
  • 2 Social accounts
  • 15 Content creation
  • 15 Post / Story
  • Advertisement
  • Highlight icons
  • Content scheduling
  • Inbox monitoring
  • Monthly reports
Best Seller

Pro Social

Pro package to manage 3 social accounts including content creation, ads, and contests for 30 days
SAR7500 5500 SAR $1,375 USD when paying via PayPal
  • 3 Social accounts
  • 20 Content creation
  • 15 Post / Story
  • 5 Short Videos
  • Advertisement
  • Interactive contests
  • Highlight icons
  • Content scheduling
  • Inbox monitoring
  • Monthly reports