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Scope of work:

Web Design:

We work on designing websites for business enterprises and individuals to present their business and services in a distinctive way and expand the scope of targeting their clients both locally and worldwide, while making sure that the websites have all the important features such as the compatibility with different devices.

In addition to that we provide Search Engine Optimization service for the website (SEO) as an included service to the web design, in addition to providing the  a monthly subscription based service by createing marketing content in a form of articles in a montly basis, while targeting specific keywords which works on attracting organic traffic (leads) from search engines, whom are interested in the products and services of our client, without the need for paid advertisements.

Web Design Service

E-commerce - Designing Online Stores:

Designing and creating online stores in a modern way with responsivity to all devices, in addition to uploading product’s images and descriptions, and linking local electronic payment methods (such as Mada) and global ones such as (Paypal – Visa – Master Card) and shipping methods to the store to facilitate the purchase process for the visitors and also to facilitate the sale procedures for the store owner.

In addition to configuring the store for search engines, speeding up navigating, and linking the store with analytical tools to monitor store statistics.

Web Development:

We work on developing websites in many ways such as developing the current design, adding new pages, projects or articles, speeding up the website, optimizing the website for search engines, securing the website against cyberattacks and making backups regularly.

Web Development Service

Search Engines Optimization - Indexing:

One of the most important factors in a successful website design is its accessibility. Therefore, we provide free website publishing service on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for our clients whom we’ve designed their websites, and we also include to the service linking the website to Google Analytics and Google Search Council to track the website and the visitor’s statistics and learn more about visitors’ segments who are interested in our client’s website.
خدمة تصميم المواقع الإلكترونية
Search Engines Optimization - Indexin Service

The way we work in
Web Design & E-commerce

1- Project discussion

Discussing the Project and client’s requirements, studying the business market and competition.

2- Setting goals

Creating a plan to achieve the goals of the website design, and define requirements to start-up.

3- Website design

Creating the design and the graphical and textural content of the website in accordance with the previous goals.

4- Design review

After reviewing and approving the design, we translate the website (upon request), speed it up, and optimize it for search engines.

5- Launching & publishing

Launching and publishing the website on search engines (Google - Bing - Yahoo), securing it and making a backup copy of the entire website.

6- Marketing and advertising

Creating and managing advertising campaigns on Google and social media to accelerate website publicity and attract clients in a record time.

Let us promote your business and share your story!

FAQ on
Web Design & E-commerce

We are here to help you! You can contact us to discuss your project, or you can request the website design service from here.

Duration varies depending on the requirements and the size of the website. The average time to fully complete a website ranges between 15-25 days.

The cost depends on the requirements, the size of the project, and the time needed for completion, but in general, the cost of designing websites of companies and institutions starts from $1,100 to $4,000 USD or what’s equivalent in SAR.

Fill out the service request form, send the logo and corporate identity files if available, choose the domain name in case it does not already exist, send the main requirements for the website and general information about the institution or the company such as (who we are – the most prominent services and products – the most prominent businesses and customers – the geographical location – working hours – Contact numbers – and social media pages if available).

The domain is the name of your website, and is the link for the website such like www.desline.co , As for hosting, it is the location of your website on the Internet.

The website is usually an introduction website to present services, businesses and work areas for commercial institutions and individuals, while online stores are designed to sell products and pay online.

Yes, we offer Webview service for mobiles and tablets separately after completing the web design.

If the application is for a website that is Webview ready, the period ranges between 15-25 days.

Yes, for sure, all the websites we design are responsive and compatible with all devices and screens.

Yes, we offer translation service from Arabic to English and vice versa, and the cost of the translation is determined based on the amount of content and is included with the design or development contract of the website.

Of course, you can specify the language of the control panel and change it to facilitate the modification or the addition to the website.

Yes, we provide website management and updating service separately from the web design service, and the management service includes making continuous updates, securing the website and making backup copies, and it also includes monthly reports on website visitors. In addition to the possibility of making free updates to the website. Click here to find out the rest of the service details.

? It is an abbreviation of Search Engines Optimization, which means configuring and optimizing the website to search engines so that the browser can easily access your website via search engines.

We have two services in the field of SEO, the first service is the basic SEO, which includes the internal SEO work for all the website pages, configuring the website for search engines, speeding up the website, reducing its size and securing it – listing the website pages in search engines. All these services are included within the web design service. We also offer the professional SEO service, which includes all previous services in addition to:

Detailed search in keywords and configure the website pages to suit the targeted words. Create objective marketing content by writing articles on a monthly basis and targeting specific keywords to attract interested clients and beat competitors.

Building Backlinks to improve website ranking in search engines.

Samples of our work in
Web Design & E-commerce

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