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Scope of work:

Web Hosting:

Companies and institutions worldwide are eager to obtain a secure and fast hosting for their websites, due to the importance of the speed and security of hosting in the future of the website whatever its field, which is well known to us in Desline. Therefor we provide website hosting service with multiple options such as (shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting) at high speeds and reasonable prices.

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Web Hosting Service

Website Maintenance and Updates:

In websites management plan, we offer a service to add and update the content of our clients’ websites on a monthly basis, whether it is in adding articles or new projects or even updating pages. Also, we always update themes and plugins to keep the website fast and secure. We also make backup copies of website files periodically and prepare monthly reports on visitors and users of the website to clarify the most important statistics for e-marketing.

Securing Website and Backups:

We work to secure the website through several steps, starting with installing an SSL certificate to encrypt the website data, and then uploading add-ons with correct configurations to protect the website, and we also add the website to a high-speed and secure CDN. Finally, making backup copies regularly to ensure no important information is lost on the website.

Monthly Analytics Reports:

Because we believe in the saying “You cannot master what you cannot measure” we work hard on preparing the statistics of your visitors and following changes, by linking the website to the Google Analytics tool and Google Search Council in order  to learn more about the segment of visitors interested in your website and thus targeting them more accurately during marketing campaigns .

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Web Hosting Service - Monthly Analytics Reports

The way we work in
Web Hosting & Management

1- Project discussion

Discussing the Project and client’s requirements, and studying the business market and competition.

2- Setting goals

Creating a plan to achieve the goals of the website hosting and management, and define requirements to start-up.

3- Website management

Managing all website aspects such as: updating content, updating plugins, troubleshoot, and making backups

4- Preparing reports

monthly reports showing the number of visitors to the website, their geographical location, the most visited pages and other important statistics.

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FAQ on
Web Hosting & Management

We are here to help you! You can contact us to discuss your project, or you can request the service from here.

The contract duration starts from one year to 5 years, and in case of paying more than one year in advance, you will receive a 5% discount for each additional year.

Website management is done on a monthly basis and renewed automatically unless the client requests to cancel the contract in advance.

The price of a shared hosting subscription is $90 annually, while the dedicated hosting price is $150 annually.

The cost of website management ranges from $150 – $500 per month. The price depends on the services included, the number of updates and the size of the website.

Our hosting is based on hosting a company that is one of the best hosting companies globally – Siteground – What really distinguishes it is that it has the highest clients’ satisfaction between hosting companies in the world, due to its excellent customer service and the ability of superhosting devices. And also, because we have dealt with several other international companies such as Godaddy, 1and1, Bluehost, Hostgator and others, However, Siteground hosting is still the best in all aspects and therefore we use it for our personal websites and our clients’ websites.

It includes the administration service to make updates continuously, secure the website, and make backup copies, and also includes the preparation of monthly reports on the website’s visitors. In addition to the ability to make free updates to the website pages.

Yes you can, it will require you to devote time to update the website continuously, and the knowledge to secure  your website from hacking, in addition to add or modify the content yourself.

It is an abbreviation of Search Engines Optimization, which means configuring and optimizing the article or the website for search engines so that the browser can easily access your website via search engines.

We have two services in the field of SEO, the first service is the basic SEO, which includes the internal SEO work for all the website pages, configuring the website for search engines, speeding up the website, reducing its size and securing it – listing the site pages in search engines. All these services are included within the website management service. We also offer the professional SEO service, which includes all previous services in addition to: Detailed search in keywords and format the website pages to suit the targeted words. Create meaningful marketing content by writing articles on a monthly basis and targeting specific keywords to attract interested clients and beat competitors. Building Backlinks to improve website ranking in search engines.

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Web Web Hosting & Management

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